Youth Ballet

We offer Ballet Classes for a variety of ages. Beginning at age 3 up to age 9. All skill levels are welcome to enjoy these classes


Princess Ballet for ages 3-4
Little ones will love this class! Participants will be introduced to the five basic positions, pony gallops asutes, pliets and more.

Beginning Ballet for ages 5-6
In this class students will begin to learn the style of ballet and also beginning terminology while incorporating the five basic positions at the center of the floor along with basic barre technique.

Beginning Ballet for ages 7-9
This class will expand upon basic ballet knowledge and move the focus to cominations at center, barre, and across the floor.


September 3-14, 2018


You can also call 574-299-4765 with a credit card or visit the O’Brien Center to register in-person.



Tuesday morning classes - 9 for $54.00
Thursday  afternoon classes - 8 for $48.00
Friday classes - 9 for $54.00


Additional Information

Ballet Class Attire:

  • Any color leotard and tights

  • Ballet shoes/slippers (may be purchased at Target and Payless)

  • Hair put up or tied back

  • No jewlery please