T'ai Chi

T'ai Chi is a physical and mental exercise that appears easy to perform due to it's slow movements, however, it is very challenging. T'ai Chi is an ancient meditative martial art choreographed for health and wellness, and is practiced by people ranging from 5 years to 90 years of age. T'ai Chi is noted for maintaining and improving health. 

If you are interested in a healthy lifestyle and are ready for a challenge then join us. 

Must wear comfortable clothing and athletic shoes and bring bottled water (optional).


  • Age Level: 16+
  • This class is instructed by Dr. Cindy Cortez, DD


New participants -- please call T'ai Chi Meditative Lifestyle at 236-6720 before registering.

Register in-person at the O'Brien Fitness Desk. No drop-ins.


One session is $36 for resident and $41 for non-resident.