Open Pre-School Gym

Join us in this non-structured gym time. Throw a doohickey, catch a widget, or ride a gizmo. Open Preschool Gym allows you a chance to enjoy playtime or just run around the gym with your kids. Various gym equipment is available for fun and delight. During this time parents are required to supervise their own children.

Passes are sold at the Fitness Center or Front Office and given to the staff member in the gym.

Ages 1-5

Wednesdays - 10 am - 11am- (Starts on Jan. 11,2017 through April 26)
Thursdays - 10 am - 11 am- (Starts on Jan.12, 2017 through April 27)
Fridays-10:30 - 11:30 am- (Starts on Jan. 13, 2017 through April 28)

Fees: $3.00 per child (each visit)
Location: O'Brien Center Gym
*dates subject to change