Leeper Park Team Tennis

Leeper Tennis Center is committed to instilling the love of tennis in our area youth! 

Team Tennis will include competition, developmental training focusing on agility, strength, team play, strategy, and non-advancing competitive play. This is a great opportunity to advance your skills and learn to play as a team.

Participants must  be able to hold a rally, have good tracking skills, be willing to learn to keep score and show interest in competitive match play.


This program is for ages 7 and up.

Ages 7-8: Red Ball Team

Ages 9-10: Orange Ball Team

Ages 11+: Green Dot Team

Players will initially be placed by age but may move based on skill level at the instructor’s discretion.


Please contact Amanda Bender at 574-235-9504 for more information.


Leeper Park Team Tennis: $75/child*

*Includes entry in the Junior Metro.