Winter Activities

What is there to do at your local park when the snow is flying and cold weather is in full swing? More than you think! Give one of these a try at the recommended parks for a fun and safe experience.

Cross-Country Skiing

An easier version to skiing, cross-country skiing is the best way to hike trails in the snow. If you're new to the sport, cross-country skiing is a great starting activity. For the best skiing conditions, make sure there is at least 6 inches of snow on the ground. This helps the skiis glide, making for a better experience. 


What is it? Think hiking, with tennis rackets on your feet! The snowshoes help distribute your weight, making it easier to get through the deep snowfall. There are over 50 parks in South Bend, and most of which have great acreage for a nice hike.

Winter Hikes

Put on your boots and head out for a refreshing hike. You don't need to be a skilled hiker to give it a try. Winter hikes are a great opportunity to see different wildlife, view the beautiful landscape, and burn off the winter blues.


If you haven't been sledding, it's time you try! This thrilling activity can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of age. Bring your sled and prepare to make some fun memories.