Application for Rental of South Bend Parks

  • Section 1: Applicant Information

  • (Street, City, State, Zip)

  • Section 2: Event Information

    (Select all that apply)
  • :
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    (Note: Water and electric are not guaranteed in any park. Water turn-on is dependent on season and weather conditions.)

  • Section 3: Event Logistics

  • Food

  • If yes:
    • The event must apply for any necessary health permits and submit proof of approved permit to SBVPA within 1 (one) week of event. Each food vendor must also obtain necessary permits to serve on-site and must display these permits at the event.
    • Health Department Contact: (574) 235-9723 and/or visit


  • Alcohol

  • If yes:
    • The event must purchase an alcohol permit from the Indiana State Excise Department and submit proof of approved permit to Venues Parks & Arts no later than 1 (one) week before the event.
    • Excise Contact: (574) 264-9480 and/or visit


  • Rentals

  • If yes:
    • Companies providing inflatables or other large-scale entertainment pieces must be approved by SBVPA. Once approved, the company must provide a certificate of insurance naming the City of South Bend, South Bend Venues Parks & Arts, and the Park Board of Commissioners as Certificate Holder.
    • Final rental agreements with list of equipment from all hired companies must be submitted to SBVPA least 1 (one) week prior to the event.
    • NOTE: Staking of any tents or other equipment is NOT permitted in any South Bend park.

  • Section 4: Public Works

    If yes, approval for park use is contingent upon the Board of Public Works approval. An Application for Use of Public Right of Way for Processions MUST be filled out FOUR (4) weeks prior to notice of event through the Board of Public Works:
  • Board of Public Works
    1316 County City Building
    227 West Jefferson Blvd.

    Phone: 574-235-9251
    Fax: 574-235-9171

  • Section 5: Insurance

  • A Certificate of Insurance (General Liability and Automobile Liability for $1,000,000.00 each), naming each of the following MUST be received 1 week prior to your event:

    • The City of South Bend
      227 W. Jefferson Blvd.
      South Bend, IN 46601
    • South Bend Venues Parks & Arts
      321 E. Walter St.
      South Bend, IN 46614
    • Board of Park Commissioners
      321 E. Walter St.
      South Bend, IN 46614
    If yes, a SBVPA staff member will contact the applicant to discuss insurance options through the City of South Bend.

  • Section 6: Event Layout

  • A rough event layout should be submitted within 1 (one) week of event to SBVPA. Event layouts can be created using Google Maps or other aerial view software, hand drawn, or created in a design application. The event layout should include:

    1. Outline of entire event venue including name of all streets/areas that are part of the venue and surrounding areas
    2. Indication of any closed streets
    3. The location of fencing, barriers and/or barricades. Indicate any removable fencing for emergency purposes.
    4. Location of all stages, platforms, scaffolding, bleachers, grandstands, canopies, tents, portable toilets, booths, beer gardens, cooking areas, trash containers, dumpsters, and other temporary structures
    5. The location of generators and/or source of electricity
    6. Placement of vehicles and/or trailers
    7. Exit locations, including any emergency routes and emergency action plan.