Contact Information by Activity Type

You can dial 574.299.4768 and use the extension numbers after.

Marketing Director
   Media contacts, sponsorships, promotions

Bueno,Mike- Youth Program Director- ext. 9373
   River City programs
   Jr. Baseball & T Ball
   Youth sports
   Teen programs
   Bounce House Rentals

Comer, Ray- Athletic Director – ext. 4775
   Adult classes
   Adult sports
   Belleville, Leeper and Skate Park facilities
   Field, court and meeting room rentals.

Fitness Center - 299-3482

Front Office – 299-4765 or ext.-3221
   Information, facility rentals

Garis, Paula- Special Events Coordinator- ext-4778    
Asst. Cindi Fish-ext. 3261
   Special events including dances, Kid's Tri and concert series
   Reservations of parks & open spaces (When needing permission for an Event)

Harrington, Garry- Rum Village Director- 235-9455
& Hannah  -Naturalist
   Nature Detectives- (Summer)
   Migratory Naturalists- (Year round)
   Wildwoods- (Video Camp)
   School Field Trips-

Kaufman, Rose- Howard Park Senior Director- ext. 9428         
   Howard Park Community Recreation Center
   Adult and Senior Programming
   South Bend Community Olympics

McMinn, Paul- Asst. Recreation Director- ext. 9931
   All things Recreation

Myers, Karen-Youth Program Director- ext. 4776                           
Asst. Cathie P. ext. 9240
   Youth classes
   Daycamp programs
   Preschool programming

Mannen, TJ- Golf Director- 574-245-6088 (ext. 6088)
   Erskine- Dave Firestone Golf Pro 574-245-6086 (ext. 6086)

O’Connor, Susan- Deputy Director- ext. 9805                          
   ASA National Softball Tournaments
   South Bend Country Fest
   All things Recreation

Piech Miller, Cindy  Fitness Supervisor- ext. 5971
   Fitness Registrations & Classes
   Fitness Appointments

Roush, Amy- Program Supervisor ext. 9372
   Volunteer management
   Recreation coordination

Scott, Maurice- MLK Director- ext. 9445
   Mentoring and lifeskills
   Camp and afterschool programs
   Youth & Senior Programs
   Soldiers Basketball
   Open Rec - adult and teen
   Made Men program

Taylor, Cynthia- Charles Black Center Director- ext. 9446
   Mentoring and lifeskills
   Camp and afterschool programs
   Special events and community rentals
   Youth & Senior Programs
   Open Rec - adult and teen

Thompson, Brent- Forester- ext. 4766
Asst. Brenda Pawell      (same extension)
   Tree permits, clean-up, preservation and storm damage. 

Yasko, Amanda- Fitness Supervisor – ext. 5977              
   Health and wellness
   Fitness and aquatics