Rent a Park

So you’re hosting an event and need something bigger than a pavilion? How about an entire park? There are many options for you to choose from that would make the perfect location for your next event.

Ready to get started?

First, figure out what park you’d like to rent. See the full list here. Then:

  1. Complete the application online, or print it off and submit the application to or by fax to 574-299-4783.
  2. If this is a new event, you’ll need to put on your finest pair of jeans and submit a presentation to the board for approval. The Park  Board meets every third Monday of the month at the O’Brien Recreation Center. If this is a returning event, no presentation is necessary.
  3. Congrats! The formalities are done. Now, make sure everything is submitted for approval. Click here for a checklist.

Fine print: Unfortunately, exclusive access to City of South Bend parks is not guaranteed. The event cannot restrict the public access to park amenities, including: restrooms, playgrounds, water features, and bodies of water. Exclusive use of a parking lot is not guaranteed.