Charles Black Center & LaSalle Park

Project Updates

Groundbreaking Ceremony: Thursday, September 7th at 10:00 a.m. Construction is expected to last approx. 12 months. Updated construction and re-opening information will be reported here. 

Programming: All programming will continue as normal at various locations in the neighborhood. Schedule and location information is coming soon. 

Charles Black Center & LaSalle Park  design.png

ScreenHunter_54 Aug. 16 08.48.jpgThe largest project identified in the 2015 Park Bond was the renovation and upgrades at the Charles Black Center and LaSalle Park. The renovations will add a 50% increase in square footage of the Charles Black Center which will provide more room for storage, three practice basketball courts, an expanded fitness center, a performance platform, new HV/AC systems, a concession area, locker rooms, and a bike repair shop.

There will be some landscaping work done around the building and in the park.  The soccer fields at LaSalle Park will also have irrigation installed and a large pavilion is planned to be placed.

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