Howard Park

Project Updates

Programming: All programming will be relocated to Zion Church of Christ – 211 S St. Peter Street in the community room.  

Mondays: 11am - 4pm: Wellness Group, Dominoes, 5 Crown cards, Mahjongg

Wednesdays: 11am - 4pm: Euchre, 5 Crown cards

Fridays:11am - 4pm: Euchre

For more details call Rose Kaufman at 574-235-9428.

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After over 9 months of planning the conceptual framework for the parks and trails along the St. Joseph Riverfront, the design and construction planning of the Howard Park renovation process began in Spring 2017. After the existing ice rink and recreation building at Howard Park reached the end of their life cycle, plans for a new space became a priority. The proposed designs call for a new multi-purpose building that faces the corner of Jefferson Blvd. and St. Louis Blvd. The new building design will model the urban area surrounding the park by bringing the building to the street edge for a vibrant, active space. This phase of the Howard Park upgrades also calls for an interactive water feature and companion ice facility which will allow the space to be used year-round.

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Stone Lodge Restoration construction.png

Originally built in 1940 as the administration building for the Parks Department, the Howard Park Stone Lodge has been restored to its original use as an office space for city employees. The project included extensive renovation and restoration work to transform the space into usable work areas.

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Rivers edge improvements include a wetland area to absorb storm water and flooding and bump outs for people to interact with the river more closely. The park will also include a flexible event space in the lawn area between the building and the river’s edge. This event space provides an area to install temporary staging when festivals are taking place and a graded lawn area that allows for optimal viewing of the stage area. This flexible space keeps the green spaces and viewing areas of the river free of obstruction during times when events are not happening. St. Louis Blvd adjacent to the park will also be a flexible space which can easily house vendor spaces and tents and be closed during events.

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Vietnam Veterans Memorial Move design.png

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The Vietnam Veterans Memorial was moved on July 18, 2018.

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