Potawatomi Park

Greenhouse Roof Repair design.png

In 2016 Park Bond fund were used to generate a structural and maintenance assessment for the Green House. One of the items identified was a structural roof repair needed between the original structure and recent renovations. This repair will restore the integrity of the roof and prevent further maintenance issues.

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Parking Lot Expansion completed.png

Potawatomi Parking Lot Expansion 2-2.JPG

The parking lot at Potawatomi Park was expanded 25,000 square feet to extend the lot 98 new spaces in fall 2016.

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Playgrounds Upgraded completed.png

New Potawatomi Surface .jpg

2017 saw the replacement of 15,000 square feet of the original playground surfacing which had reached the end of its life span. A new blended poured in place surface was installed along with a new wheelchair accessible gliding bay. Additionally, an “expression swing” was installed, allowing parents with young infants to be able to swing face-to-face at the same time.

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