System-wide Projects

General Deferred Maintenance

Making small but important improvements across the city: Playgrounds, Grills, Benches, Picnic Tables, Water Fountains, and Trash Receptacles.

Park Security, Lighting, Storageconceptual.png

Improved park security, lighting and storage is planned for the entire parks system.

Equity star-4.png, Ecology star-0.png, Neighborhood star-3.png, Econ Impact star-1.png, Recreation star-3.png, Safety star-4.png

Restroom Modernization & ADA Compliance conceptual.png

There are currently 22 restrooms in the parks system that require modernization and upgrades to bring them up to ADA compliance.

Parks that will be receiving restroom upgrades include the following; Boehm, Boland, Byers Softball Complex, Elbel, Gov. Joe Kernan, Howard, Keller, Kelly, Kennedy, LaSalle, Leeper, Muessel Grove, Pinhook, Potawatomi, Pulaski, Rum Village, Southeast, Veteran's Memorial, Voorde, Walker Field, and Wheelock. 

Equity star-4.png, Ecology star-1.png, Neighborhood star-3.png, Econ Impact star-1.png, Recreation star-2.png, Safety star-4.png