Potawatomi Zoo

South Bend is home to the Potawatomi Zoo, Indiana’s oldest zoo!  Originally founded in 1902 at Leeper Park, the zoo moved its current location in Potawatomi Park in 1912.

Potawatomi Zoo is home to approximately 400 animals of 160 different species.  Some of these animals are endangered in the wild, and Potawatomi Zoo participates in breeding programs, such as Species Survival Plans to help maintain healthy captive populations of these vanishing species.

Potawatomi Zoo is accredited by the Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA).  This accreditation identifies Potawatomi Zoo as an institution that meets mandatory, rigorous, professional standards for animal welfare and management, veterinary care, behavioral enrichment, nutrition and staff training.

You can visit Potawatomi Zoo to discover animals from around the world, attend a special event, participate in an education class, celebrate your child’s birthday, and much more!