Facilities, Permits & Reservations

Commercial Photography on Parkland:

Municipal Code forbids the taking of commercial photography on park land without the former approval of the Board of Park Commissioners. Permit holder is granted permission to take photographs, including drones, on any South Bend Park as long as doing so does not interfere with the public or other permitted activities. Completed permits should be emailed to parkrental@southbendin.gov or faxed to 574-299-4783.

Drone Permit
Commercial Photography Permit

Use of Parks for an Event

Want to rent a pavilion, facility, picnic area or athletic field? Please skip this section and see below.

An application must be completed to request the use of a city park for an event that is open to the public. The event and application must be approved by the Venues Parks & Arts Board. If this is a new event, then a formal presentation must be made in front of the Board. If it is a returning event, no presentation is necessary. The board meets the third Monday of the month at 321 Walter St. at 5 p.m.

This application does not include reserving a picnic site or renting a pavilion. Please see below on how to reserve a pavilion, picnic space or facility. 

Complete the application online, or print it off and submit the application to parkrental@southbendin.gov or by fax to 574-299-4783.

Rental of Park Facilities, Pavilions, and Picnic Areas.

Facility, pavilion and picnic area reservations may be made at the O’Brien Center Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. or online all year round for the rental season of May 1 through September 30.

Athletic Fields Available To Rent

  • Lighted softball diamonds: Boehm, Boland, Memorial, Walker
  • Unlighted ball diamonds: Dickinson, Edison, Hamilton, Keller, Kennedy, Marshall, Walker, West Haven
  • Baseball diamonds: Boehm, Boland, Kennedy, Sheridan
  • Byers Softball Complex
  • Soccer Fields: Boehm, LaSalle, Palaski, West Haven

To rent athletic fields, contact Ray Comer at 574-299-4775

Park Facilities Available To Rent

Charles Black Community Center | 3419 W Washington St • 574-235-7712

Chris Wilson Pavilion | Greenlawn Ave. at Wall St. • 574-299-4765

Erskine Clubhouse | 200 Miami Rd. • 574-291-3216 • The Erskine Clubhouse is currently under renovations. Please check back for grand opening and updated rental information.

Howard Park Recreation Center | 604 E. Jefferson Blvd. • Howard Park Community Center is currently being constructed as part of the My SB Parks & Trails project.

Jon R Hunt Plaza | 211 N Michigan Street  • 574-235-9190

Martin Luther King, Jr., Recreation Center | 1522 W. Linden • 574-235-9445

Morris Performing Arts Center | 211 N Michigan Street  • 574-235-9190

O’Brien Recreation Center | 321 E. Walter St. • 574-299-4765

O’Brien Park Pavilion | 321 East Walter St. • 574-299-4765

Pinhook Pavilion | 2801 Riverside Dr. at Boland Dr. • 574-299-4765

Potawatomi Conservatories | 2105 Mishawaka Avenue  • (574) 235-9442

Potawatomi Park Pavilions | Greenlawn Ave. at Wall St. • (574) 299-4765

Palais Royale | 105 W Colfax Ave. • (574) 235-5612

Rum Village Park Pavilions | Ewing Ave. at Gertrude St. • (574) 299-4765

Rum Village Dog Park Community Area | Ewing Ave. at Gertrude St. • (574) 299-4765

Seitz Park Pavilion | St. Joseph River at Washington St. • (574) 299-4765

Southeast Park Pavilion | Fellows St. at Wenger St. • (574) 299-4765

How to Reserve a Facility Online

To reserve online, you must have or create an account. If you have registered for a class, event, reserved a facility, purchased tickets or have a fitness membership, you are already in the system. To update your account or have questions, call the O’Brien Office at 574-299-4765.

Go to: https://webtrac.southbendin.gov/

  1. If you have an Account with us you will need to login, if not then you will need to Create an account. (See first sentence on the “Login” screen to Create an account) You must have an email address on your account to use our online system.
  2. After you Login or Create your account, click “Search” on the blue tool bar at the top scroll down to “Facility Calendar” and click.
  3. In the “Date” field choose the date you are searching for. In the “Facility” field choose the pavilion or picnic area at the park of your choice. Then click “Search”.
  4. Available dates are green and Unavailable dates are red. If your date is green click on it, if not continue your search.
  5. On the next screen it will show your choice with a green box on the left hand side, click on it.
  6. Look down to the very bottom left hand corner of your monitor and you will see a white bar with red box that says “Continue with Selections”. Click on it.
  7. Fill in the “Headcount” with the amount of people you plan to have in attendance, then click “Continue”.
  8. Click on the small box below your name and click “Continue”.
  9. In the “Reservation Purpose” field type in why you are renting, for example…. Family Reunion, Birthday Party, Graduation Party, etc. Then click “Continue”.
  10. View your “Shopping Cart” and if it is correct, click “Proceed to Checkout”, if not click “Empty Cart” to start over.
  11. Fill in the fields marked in red, then click “Continue”
  12. On the “Payment Summary” page, fill in your credit card information and click “Submit Payment”
  13. You will receive a receipt to your e-mail address as a confirmation.


Make sure you submit everything needed for approval.


  • Application, signed and dated
  • Indemnity & Hold Harmless Agreement
  • Pay Deposit
  • Event Layout/Map
  • In-Kind Sponsorship Application [if applicable]
  • VPA Rental Application [if applicable]
  • Schedule a walk-thru with VPA staff [if needed]
  • Public Works Application [if needed]
  • Attend Park Board meeting [if applicable]


  • Insurance Certificates
  • Approved St. Joe County Health Department Permit
  • Approved ATC Beer and Wine Permit
  • Rental agreements with any outside companies (tents, equipment, AV, portable restrooms, etc.)
  • Insurance certificates from any outside companies for inflatables, entertainment, etc.
  • Pay Park Usage Fee

Send completed materials to:

parkrental@southbendin.gov | 321 E. Walter St, South Bend, IN 46614

EXCLUSIVITY: Unfortunately, exclusive access to City of South Bend parks is not guaranteed. The event cannot restrict the public access to park amenities, including restrooms, playgrounds, water features, and bodies of water. Exclusive use of a parking lot is not guaranteed.