Help Keep South Bend Beautiful!

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The Graffiti Abatement Program is designed to prevent and control the spread of graffiti within the City of South Bend.  This program is a comprehensive approach aimed at linking members of the community with the various departments of the city.

In order to prevent and limit graffiti activity, a joint task force consisting of South Bend Police, Neighborhood Code Enforcement, and the Parks and Recreation Department have been assembled. Through the combined efforts of city departments, volunteer groups, and local residents, we can successfully control the spread of graffiti. 

     What If You See Graffiti?

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If you see graffiti or someone in the act of spraying graffiti, first contact the South Bend Police Department at 574-235-9201, or Crime Stoppers at 574-288-STOP.  Once graffiti is reported to the police department, all abatement concerns pertaining to graffiti on abandoned, public, private, and commercial property can be addressed by contacting the Director of Graffiti Abatement at the South Bend Parks and Recreation Maintenance Building, 1020 High Street, South Bend, Indiana 46601. You may also email in your concerns to,or print out the waiver (.pdf or .doc ), and fax it to 574-235-5540.

Currently, our graffiti removal service may be available to city residents. Contact the Director of Graffiti Abatement for more details. 

     We Need Your Help South Bend!

If you would like to volunteer to help clean up graffiti please contact Director of Graffiti Abatement at 574-235-9414. We have a limited amount of supplies available if you need some assistance.


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     South Bend's Joint Task Force

                         Code Enforcement

In an effort to better facilitate the City's abatement activities, inspectors from the Code Enforcement Department will report the location of graffiti activities as part of their neighborhood inspections.  Code Enforcement can be contacted at 574-235-9486 or by email at

                        Parks and Recreation

Park crews will inspect neighborhoods and public properties to report all graffiti related activities.  Park crews will also be in charge for the removal of graffiti.  The Parks and Recreation Department can be contacted at 574-235-9414 or by email at

                        South Bend Police

The Police Department will take all calls and track graffiti activity throughout the city.  They will forward all site locations to the Graffiti Coordinator who will begin with any abatement procedure that is needed.  The South Bend Police Department will be participating in graffiti removal throughout the summer months, and educating youths about the benefits of a community that is free of graffiti. 


We want to keep South Bend looking beautiful.  To do so, we need your help too!  Help us by reporting all acts of graffiti in our neighborhoods, and throughout the community.  Also, in an effort to better facilitate the neighborhood abatement initiative, you can volunteer to help us remove graffiti.  For more information on how you, or a group of volunteers can help, please contact the Graffiti Coordinator at 574-235-9414.