Five-Year Parks Master Plan

The purpose of the Master Plan is to be proactive in determining the future of the SBPRD’s abilities and activities. Through the development and implementation of a cohesive Five-year vision and a prioritized plan of action, the ultimate goal was to maximize the benefits to our community. This citizen driven plan establishes a clear direction to guide city staff, advisory committees, and elected officials in their efforts to enhance the community’s parks and recreation programs, services and facilities.

The process of this plan identified strategies for strategic positioning, built upon existing partnerships and identified new ones, encouraged significant community Cover.jpginvolvement and feedback, and identified necessary capital improvements and for ongoing operation and maintenance. 

The Master Plan defines a balanced system of city-wide facilities serving the City’s entire population and visitors. It works in conjunction with and reinforces the City of South Bend’s larger goals under City Plan and other planning documents.

The project team, working with South Bend partners and collaborators such as the city departments, schools, hospitals, businesses, non-profits and governmental programs gathered information, input and feedback.  This process has created future modeling and surveillance of outcomes over time. It will assist the City in deciding where to put funding to get the best effect and it is a necessary tool for seeking grants and alternative non-tax funding sources.