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Update: Our third community forum will occur on Thursday, March 2, 2017 at 5:30 p.m. in the Century Center!

An important component of this process will be to engage members of the South Bend community to obtain input on desired future outcomes. There will be a series of four community meetings to discuss our Riverfront Parks & Trails and to gather input from the public.

First Community Forum for Riverfront Parks and Trails

The first community forum was held Thursday, September 8, and had nearly 200 participants sharing thoughts about what they like and what they might change as well as what is missing from the riverfront parks and trails. The meeting began with a presentation that gave an overview of how riverfronts can be transformed to benefit the community followed by looking at our process. Following the presentation, attendees were asked to visit a series of stations and provide input about the current condition and future needs of the parks and trails. 

If you were unable to attend the first meeting, you may view a recording of the presentation and the PowerPoint presentation.

Second Community Forum for Riverfront Parks and Trails

The second community forum was held on Wednesday, November 2. This forum summarized the feedback and target opportunities identified by the community to date. A brief presentation followed by a break-out sessions allowed input on site-specific concepts for the focus areas like Seitz Park, Howard Park, and the trail areas around the dam. This discussion was the basis for a new riverfront parks vision and development of broad design ideas for the entire study area.

If you were unable to attend the second meeting, you may view a recording of the presentation and the PowerPoint presentation*.

*The framework plans in the Powerpoint presentation show concepts for distribution of park elements such as trails and buildings within Howard and Seitz parks. These are not scaled drawings. They are intended to represent a hierarchy among uses and relationships and adjacencies between the various park elements. It is important to note that the options shown are not mutually exclusive. Elements from one option can be combined with those from other options (e.g. a preference for the pedestrian circulation in Option A and the building location in Option B).

Check back for additional information, which will be shared here as the process continues to move forward.

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