SBParksFoundationLogo.jpgReminisce your experiences for a moment...

Remember your youthful experiences in the parks system, remember your participation in parks programs, remember your enjoyment of the parks environment, swimming pools, golf courses, basketball, baseball, soccer, walks in the park enjoying nature.

Remember your enjoyment attending summer concerts, your time at the zoo with children and grandchildren, visiting the conservatory.

Chances are, you have experienced at least one of these activities in one of the many park properties in the City of South Bend.

Help us with our vision to preserve forever the legacy of the South Bend Parks System.

You can make an impact, and define your legacy for use by generations to come, by supporting the South Bend Parks Foundation, with a contribution for use as defined by you.

Your contribution is tax deductible.

Contact the Parks Foundation to further discover the possibilities to define your legacy.

Who is the South Bend Parks Foundation?

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