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Our mission is t
o empower our youth and strengthen our workforce through providing opportunities for growth, work based training, life skills & leadership development.

The job market is more competitive and challenging now than in previous generations. Employers have high expectations and an increasing demand for more education and skills. As a result, young people — especially those lacking access to quality education and reliable job training — find it hard to gain access to jobs, let alone thrive in the workforce. Youth Jobs is a year-round program with core programming taking place over the summer months. Participating in the Youth Jobs program will provide kids with valuable tools and life skills to make them more effective and valuable in their future places of employment.

During our 8-week program, youth will:

  • Attend an orientation program in partnership with 5 Star Summit Ranch leadership program
  • Participate in weekly online and in-person training experiences
  • Be provided FREE transportation to and from work
  • Be provided access to setup a new bank account with a $100 exclusive incentive
  • Have a dedicated office for resource information and questions throughout their time
  • All high-school aged participants will have ability to register with Notre Dame TRIO Programs, for several education benefits

Training offered throughout the program will be hands-on and provided through the Youth Jobs SB staff. Training includes: personality inventory, financial literacy, conflict resolution, time management, budgeting, and goal setting.

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