Aquatics Programs

Aquatics Programs Who is eligible for Aquatics Programs?When are Aquatics Programs provided?Where do Aquatics Programs take place?What are the cost for Aquatics Programs?How can I request more information about aquatics programs?[Links] VPA Aquatics Programs include aqua aerobics in different locations, children’s learn to swim, and VPA also collaborates with the South Bend Swim Club. Due to COVID, please check our website or call for available programs. Who is eligible for Aquatics Programs? Aquatic programs are open to the public. Children’s learn to swim is for ages 7 and up, and the child must be at least 4 feet tall. South Bend Swim Club is open to anyone age 7 and older who meets the minimum swimming requirements. Aqua Aerobics is for anyone age 16 and older. When are Aquatics Programs provided? Some programs are offered all year round. Where do Aquatics Programs take place? Locations vary per program, per season. Check the web page for program location or call 574-299-4765. What are the cost for Aquatics Programs? Program rates vary, click here for rates. How can I request more information about aquatics programs? Some programming information is offered online or on site. Check the aquatics website for more information. [Links] Aqua AerobicsEnjoy the healthful benefits of Aquacise! You do not need to know how to swim to enjoy these classes. These classes are taught by certified instructors, benefit the participant’s cardiovascular system and provide an overall feeling of well-being. Water adds resistance to the exercise routine while buoyancy makes the work seem effortless.Children’s Learn to SwimWe offer swim lessons for children ages 7 and up (and a minimum of 4 feet tall–no exceptions)! Level and class time are set by the instructor and parent/guardian at the time of registration. Parents are not permitted to stay during lessons, however, there is a Parent’s Day for each session. Classes are taught by Red Cross Certified Water Safety Instructors and all participants will receive a certificate to show their achievements. South Bend Swim ClubThe South Bend Swim Club, a collaboration with the South Bend Venues Parks & Arts, invites you to become a member of the team. The swim club is open to anyone age 7 and older who meets the minimum swimming requirements. There are evening practices for all groups when school is in session. Practices are held primarily at Riley High School with occasional practices at other facilities. Head Coach is John VanDriessche with other coaches from the South Bend School Corporation. For any questions, call Coach VanDriessche at (574) 276-6057 or 283-8419. Visit the website here.