Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Center

The Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center is a vital part of the West Side of South Bend and supports a wide range of inter-generational programming for a wide community. The City of South Bend seeks to re-envision the building with a new facility and grounds that better serves the modern needs of the community.

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The Goal

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Center is to inspire and motivate people to realize, magnify and achieve their full potential through committed, supervised instruction, educational initiatives and community outreach to support the development of individual’s future endeavors. The Center is open to the public, and invites community members of all ages.

Help Build The Dream
Join us today in making a meaningful contribution towards the creation of the new Martin Luther King Jr. Center, where our community can come together and build a brighter future. In 2024, we will proudly unveil an inclusive, inter-generational campus that fosters hope across all generations. The new center, collaboratively designed and constructed for our community, will offer a diverse range of recreational activities, cutting-edge technology, and creative programming, carrying forward the legacy of the Martin Luther King Jr. Center and Linden Avenue. Stay updated for opportunities to contribute and secure naming rights as the project progresses.

Activities at this Location