Physical Distancing Recreation: Home Edition

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Board-Game Rotation

This is an excellent way to have family members play board games without getting board.

Equipment: different two-player board games

How to play:

Set up different two-player board games around the dining room table. Have everyone take a seat so that each game has only two players.

The games begin and end at the command of the timekeeper (about 5 minutes).  The players then rotate to the right so each person moves to a different game with a different opponent.

The games, however, are not reset, but the new players just take over where the last players left off.  So a person might move from a winning Checkers games to a losing position in Yahtzee.


If there are an uneven number of players, have one sit out and keep time.  Once the time is up, they rotate in, while one member rotates out to keep time.

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