Rum Village Sunday Programs

Get close to nature this spring with Rum Village Sunday Programs! Are you interested in animals, wildflowers or simply intrigued by nature itself?  Bring the entire family or come by yourself and enjoy this beautiful park in the heart of South Bend.

April 7th:  Uncovering Spring
Come along as we hike the trails to look for signs of spring!

April 14th:  Wildflower Wonderland
Some of the most incredible flowers are awake right now in Rum Village Park.  We’ll hike and take advantage of their beauty.

April 28th:  Mammals in our Park
Seeing mammals anywhere is a matter of luck.  We’ll hope for some as we hike and look for them in Rum Village Park.

May 5th:  Wildflower Wonderland
Join us for our second hike to see these amazing wildflowers before they are gone.

May 12th:  The Birds are Back!
Rum Village Park is home to over 100 kinds of resident and migrating birds.  We’ll find some of each as we hike in the woods.

June 2nd:  Scavenger Hunt
We will have a list of things we’ll be looking for out on the Rum Village trails.  Bring out the family and see if we can find all of them.

June 9th:  Exploring Rum Village Woods
We are fortunate to have this beautiful park.  We’ll hike in the woods and take advantage of all the things that this city park offers.

June 23rd:  Hurray for Herps
Join us in the auditorium today to see the critters that both attract and repel us.  And have a chance to touch my favorite reptile!

June 30th:  Life Under a Log
It is amazing how many things live under rotting logs. We will take a hike and flip a few logs along the way!