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What is happening in our world is unprecedented. We’re here to help bring a little light inside your home with a variety of fun experiences for the entire family. Get the kids up and active with these fun game ideas we post daily!


Felix Hand Game

Equipment Needed: None

How to Play

Have all the players (usually 4 to 10 is best) sit around a table.  Each player should place both of their hands on the table in front of themselves.  Everyone has to tap their hands in a set order.  If a player makes a mistake (all watch closely) he will have to remove the hand making the mistake leaving him with only one hand to play.  Two mistakes and that player is out of the game.

A selected player will begin the play.  He will tap his right hand on the table and then his left.  The next player immediately does the same and this moves quickly around the table. Everyone is watching to make sure the correct hand taps when it is supposed to.  Let this continue until everyone is warmed up.

Your group will be ready for part two now.  If a hand is tapped quickly two times, the action reverses and the next tap belongs to the hand that tapped before the double tap. Any double tap will reverse the action.  Let the group play this a while and then add the third part to this fascinating game.

If a hand is tapped three times quickly, the movement continues in the same direction, but one hand is skipped.  For example, if the tap came to me from my right, I tap my right hand three times quickly which means it skips my left hand and goes to the right hand of the player on my left.  This sounds confusing, but it really is simple once you play around or two.

Now for the real game of Felix.  Play action is the same as above, but there is one little change.  All players cross arms with their neighbors. My right arm will be over the left arm of the player on my right and my left arm will be under the right arm of the player on the left. This changes the sequence of play and can cause some brain damage.  Give the players a time to adjust (practice) and then have a great game of “Felix”.



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