Qigong is an ancient self-care exercise that focuses on stress management and internal healing. Roger Jahnke O.M.D stated, "Qigong is one of the most powerful self healing traditions ever developed in human history. It is literally a health wonder of the world."

This exercise blends meditation, breathing, and slow flowing mental and physical movements to balance and increase the internal chi (energy). Qigong calms the mind, nervous system, and immune system. This calming process is used to improve overall health by reducing stress, reinforcing the immune system, and aiding in the prevention of illness.

Qigong assists in maintaining your excellent health, and also helps those with medical issues improve their health. Qigong is more than just a physical and mental exercise, Qigong is a lifestyle.

You must call Qigong Integrative Health at 236-6719 for a pre-registration consultation.

Please do not eat 1 hour before class, wear loose comfortable clothing, athletic shoes with flat soles, and bring bottled water (optional).

Session Dates:
Session 1: 1/24-2/18
Session 2: 2/21-3/14
Session 3: 3/21-4/11
Session 4: 4/18-5/9
Session 5: 5/16-6/6