The South Bend City Cemetery

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About City Cemetery

South Bend City Cemetery, a 21.36-acre designed landscape is South Bend’s oldest cemetery, founded in 1832. City Cemetery is situated immediately west of the city’s downtown core, just northwest of the West Washington National Register District, added to the Register in 1975 and is about one mile southwest of the St. Joseph River. The trapezoid shaped site, a result of multiple expansions, contains approximately 14,800 burials. It is composed of lots that are of a regular grid pattern as well as an (1899) expansion of irregular and circular lots. These later meandering adways, in response to the little topographic variation, were designed to provide a variety of changing vistas.

The style of City Cemetery ranges from municipal to Lawn Park and includes veterans’ sections and a potter’s field. Characteristic of the lawn park movement of the late 19th century, the cemetery site combines a variety of three-dimensional stone types, as well as a wide variety of tree species. Today surrounded by an urban neighborhood, City Cemetery is a unique representation of this cemetery type rarely seen in a rapidly developing urban setting.


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