Park Policies and Rules

Let’s Have a Wonderful Summer


Our parks are one of our greatest assets in this city, and we’re here to help everyone experience the joy of everything our parks have to offer. We’re here to keep the disruptions to a minimum and allow for new, memorable experiences. How?

  • Handbills
  • Additional signage
  • Outreach with S.A.V.E. and City of South Bend staff

Want to get involved? We’re always looking for volunteers to keep our parks clean and safe throughout the year. Should you be interested in any kind of volunteer efforts, please reach out our Development Director, Amy Roush at


This summer, we have a wide variety of programs and events for kids and teens. Not only that, our partners are also doing great things to keep kids active as well!

VPA Youth Programs Police Athletic League YMCA of Greater Michiana


You’ll notice a few changes including additional security cameras and Ambassadors and S.A.V.E. outreach partners on site to monitor our parks and South Bend Police are standing by to help enforce. Those that are found violating park rules may be issued trespassing violations and/or fined. We hope these changes help keep our parks welcoming, clean and safe.

For the safety of our community and enjoyment of each of our South Bend parks, we ask that you read and follow the below park rules & policies. In accordance with South Bend Code of Ordinance Chapter 19, Article 3, the following are enforceable at all park properties:

  • Parks open from 6:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. Anyone on park properties outside these times is considered to be trespassing. (Ordinance 19-75)
  • Smoking/vaping is prohibited. (Ordinance 14-128)
  • No amplified music allowed* (Ordinance 19-42)
  • No alcoholic beverages* or controlled substances (Ord. No. 5544-73)
  • Place all litter in receptacles. (Ord. No. 8436-93)
  • All pets must be on a leash. Clean up after your pet (Ord. No. 10309-14, § I, 5-28-14)
  • No destructive or disorderly conduct (Ordinance 19-42)
  • No fireworks, weapons, or firearms (Ordinance 19-44)
  • No vehicles allowed on grass or sidewalks/trails (Ordinance 19-71)
  • No camping (Ord. No. 5544-73, Sect. 19-46)
  • No peddling or sales on park property* (Ord. No. 5544-73 Sec. 19-50)
  • No grills (Ordinance 19-52)
  • No sleeping (Ordinance 13-56)
  • No motorized scooters or motorbikes (Ord. No. 8112-90)

* denotes exceptions by special permit. To read the entire City of South Bend Code of Ordinances pertaining to public parks, click here.

Photo & Video Privacy Statement

On occasion, VPA staff or hired vendors may take photos, video or other recordings of participants in our classes and programs, or people at special events or on our park property. Please be aware that this multimedia may be used for marketing materials, future print publications or on our website. Please contact us if you have any questions.