Best. Week. Ever.

2017 was full of exciting changes for our community, including the addition of the 1st Annual Best. Week. Ever. celebration. For an entire week, every day and evening, across every portion of the city, something was happening. 50,000+ residents and visitors attended the approximately 100 experiences that took place.

Best. Week. Ever. was built upon values of inclusivity, empowerment, and community. It was crafted to reveal the resources already existing here, even if sometimes hidden. It provided a new catalog of experiences available right here almost any week – not just during festival week. The impact of Best. Week. Ever. continues long after that week ended.

Aaron Perri, Executive Director of Venues Parks & Arts said, “This was a banner week in our city’s history and one that will not quickly be forgotten. It’s important that we have occasions like this to encounter new experiences, form bonds with one another, and generally reflect upon our city’s creativity, culture and progress.”

However, it turns out that to attend one event, you may have been missing out on an event on a different side of town. You spoke. We listened. Best. Week. Ever. 2018 remedies this by creating a festival feel each day of the week by centralizing all micro-experiences around one or two signature events.

Best. Week. Ever. 2018

South Bend is full of unique treasures and Best. Week. Ever. 2018 will continue to discover and highlight these treasures in a way that is sure to surprise and delight. Come out on Monday, May 28 – Sunday, June 3 and discover new parts of the city, new restaurants, new activities, and new adventures.