Annual Holiday Ornament Design Contest

South Bend Venues Parks & Arts Foundation

Call for Artist Renderings

South Bend Venues Parks & Arts Foundation is taking submissions for its Annual Holiday Ornament Design Contest. The chosen art will be featured as the Foundation’s annual holiday ornament which will be sold in the retail kiosk inside the Howard Park Event Center.

Our annual holiday ornament will depict a South Bend park or place, and this year our focus is the Morris Performing Arts Center. All submissions should embody the spirit, physical likeness or name of the Morris.

Venues Parks & Arts (VPA) inspires a more livable South Bend for all, connecting us to emotionally engaging experiences and to one another. The Annual South Bend Holiday Ornament Contest is intended as a tool to promote South Bend and to generate funds for parks, public spaces and community events.  Submitted artwork that helps embody that mission will have a greater chance of being selected.

Submission Rules

  1. All entries must be submitted by 5PM EST October 19. Every submission will receive a confirmation email when the submission is successfully received.
    1. For submission, a photograph of your original work is acceptable. However, the physical piece must be two-dimensional art and no larger than 11″ x 17″ for scanning purposes.
    2. Must be limited to 4 colors or less.
    3. Should also include a short (1-4 sentences) artist statement.
  2. All submissions and rights will become property of VPA. We will not use submissions for any purpose besides the creation of the ornaments and their promotion.
  3. Art submissions may include the signature of the artist or organization in the design.
  4. All art must be family-friendly.
  5. Submissions may be made anonymously.
  6. Artists may submit up to three qualifying designs.
  7. Submissions do not need to be holiday themed and should not be religious.

Selection Process:

  1. This year’s theme is the Morris Performing Arts Center. Only submissions fitting this theme will be judged.
  2. The winning submission for this year’s selection process will receive five (5) of the completed ornaments depicting their art from the first twenty of the numbered series’ creation.
  3. Submitted art will be judged by a committee of the Venues Parks & Arts Foundation and the final selection of this year’s chosen pieces will be announced October 23 via e-mail and social media.