Fredrickson Prairie


Through a unique coalition of community organizations, the area has been converted to a prairie-ecosystem park available for community use, has become the home of the administrative offices of the Boy Scouts of America-LaSalle Council, and is the pilot site for curriculum-based field trips for children in the South Bend Community Schools with Notre Dame, Saint Mary’s, and Indiana University-South Bend students assisting. Priority plans include enhanced nature and physical fitness trails with expanded earth and space science inquiry stations for school, Scout, and community use. In addition, a scale model of the Solar System is planned to start at the park and extend into the heart of the city. Fredrickson Park is a community success serving South Bend students and families through formal and informal science education.


Park Improvements

Neighborhood Access Trail construction

To improve connectivity between the neighborhood area south of Fredrickson Prairie and the SR 23 trail along 23.

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