Pier Park

The Pier Park Project is a is a collaborative luminasonic project by the visual artist GIIIVENS and composer Eli Kahn. The artists have created a one-of-a-kind experience at Pier Park in which infinite light will meet the likes of a quadrophonic soundscape of music and natural sounds. GIIIVENS’ piece “Aether’s Requiem” provides the spectator with a visual encounter with self and the light which lies beyond. While Eli Kahn’s soundscape “Portal to a Better Dimension” encompasses the listener through a quadraphonic speaker system mixed in immersive surround sound. Together, the visual & sonic elements combine to give spectators a unique experience.


GIIIVENS // “Aether’s Requiem” – Infinity Mirror
Requiem is a point in which alternate planes of existence collide across time. This piece will serve as an active representation of the past’s premonition of the present experience. As ashes are to ashes the energies formerly housed and created here are to themselves. I seek to create things not bound by perception or perceived notion. I consider all my pieces to be simple configurations that are complex beings, the form of the formless. Its energy and that are simplified but not defined. Light is the source of all life in this world and worlds beyond. The work I create uses Light, form, and sound as a means to create portals to new dimensions, connecting this world to the worlds unseen by the eye. Although the transportation that occurs may not necessarily be physical, light, unlike any other element can act as a means to affect emotion and perception of a space thus distorting reality as we know it.
ELI KAHN // “Portal to a better dimension” – Music & Immersive Sound Experience
My contribution to this collaborative installation functions as the soundtrack to GIIIVENS’ visual piece. I set out to create a soundscape that highlights the otherworldly nature of the infinity mirror, lulling the viewer into a relaxed, meditative state through which they can potentially envision entering a portal that leads to other realms better than the one in which we reside: one free of hatred, racism, pain & sickness. Throughout my composition process, I spent a lot of time contemplating what it means to “be” in our world as it currently exists — this piece is meant to represent a collective relinquishing of attachment to our conventional thinking about our society as we hopefully move towards a better one.
One of the unique aspects of the piece is the manner in which it is heard – I have worked with Eric Friedlander (of Tower 21 in Los Angeles, CA) to create an immersive mix in which the music is played back via a four-speaker system, through which sonic elements can float around the listener, with some parts moving at different speeds & others in different directions.
I am truly honored to have been a part of this project & have been a huge fan of GIIIVENS’ artistry since first seeing their work. While we have previously collaborated, this project marks our first time creating something of this scale, so to have this collaboration permanently installed in Pier Park in South Bend is a dream come true.

Park Improvements

Connectivity design

Connection between Gwen Stiver, Pier Park, Island Park, and Plaza Park addresses challenges and concerns about being able to safely access the riverfront in these parks. A new boardwalk will connect all three parks.

Park Upgrades design

General deferred maintenance; grills, benches, picnic tables, water fountains, and trash receptacles. Improved park security, lighting and storage is planned for the entire parks system. Restroom modernization & ADA compliance

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