VPA Security System Upgrades – Project #1210-2020

The City is seeking qualified contractors interested in updating the security system infrastructure with City properties, primarily the systems under the management of Venues Parks & Arts.
Proposals must meet the minimum expectations as provided in the City’s Request for Proposals in order to be considered.

Please see the entire Request for Proposals document here

A.    Instructions to Respondents

  • “Owner”, in this document, will refer to the City of South Bend.
  • Interested respondents MUST send your firm’s contact information to the Clerk of the Board of Park Commissioners at evaennis@southbendin.gov to register to receive updates or addenda.
  • Respondents must review the required Non-collusion form attached to this document. Do not submit qualifications if these terms are not acceptable.
  • Questions are welcome and appreciated. Questions should be asked by email to psherman@southbendin.gov. Questions are due by 5 PM on August 10th, 2020
  • Answers to all questions will be provided in writing through email to all registered
  • If the City determines any new information, question, or concern alters the RFP, an addendum will be issued to revise the RFP.
  • Sealed responses must be submitted to the Office of the Clerk of Board of Park Commissioners, Historic Howard Park Lodge, 301 S. St. Louis, South Bend, Indiana, by 9:30 AM ET on August 17th, 2020. Response package should be labeled “VPA Security System Upgrades”.
  • Respondents must provide five (5) hard copies of response and one digital copy on CD or thumb drive. Thumb drives submitted will not be returned.
  • Late responses will not be accepted and will be returned to the submitting company unopened.
  • Owner is not liable for any cost incurred by any person or firm responding to this RFP.
  • Respondents may schedule site visits of specified City properties by contacting Brian Garner @ bgarner@southbendin.gov.