Skate-It-Forward at Howard Park

What exactly is Skate-it-Forward? Driven by equality among our residents, the Skate-it-Forward program is designed to make sure every resident has full access to our park amenities regardless of personal circumstances.  

The Skate-it-Forward program is a powerful initiative where every patron of Howard Park will be a changemaker by advancing these equity goals and provide access in South Bend. With each admission to the ice trail sold, 10% of the proceeds will benefit Skate-it-Forward.  

Recipients of this program are residents of South Bend and organizations within our community who serve those financially unable to access ice skating within the park. This initiative lifts the barrier of entry, giving opportunity to everyone in our city.  

Did you know:
40% of residents fall under the poverty line
12+ community partners engaged to date
1,000+ anticipated reach of program within 1st year

More information about free and reduced skating, as well as ways to give, can be found at