Charles Black Recreation Center Renovations

For years, Charles Black Recreation Center has been a pride and joy for the LaSalle Park neighborhood.

Walking into the center, you might come across seniors eating lunch provided by REAL Services in the cafeteria, tennis shoes thumping on the gymnasium floor during the children’s after-school program, and chattering of teens as they share about their day at school and work on homework. However, it was unlikely that these activities would happen simultaneously, because the facility simply didn’t have the capacity to host several programs at once.

That was until now.

After a year of tireless construction, center staff are prepared for the grand opening of the remodeled facility and the season ahead.

“It’s been a journey but well worth the wait,” said Cynthia Taylor, the center’s supervisor.

Not only will the center have increased capacity, allowing senior citizens, children, and high school students to share the center at the same time, it will also feature brand new amenities that aim to positively impact the community.

Need help sending an email or searching a subject on the Internet? The caring staff will be there to help. A student needs a safe place to go after school? The remodeled building creates room for them to play basketball, listen to some tunes, or come together in the gathering area. Plus, the new bike shop will give individuals the opportunity to learn how to repair bikes. Participants can even earn a bike by going through a 6-week workshop.

Beyond the facility updates, Taylor said, “We are looking forward to the new programming, experiences, and memories. We are coming back bigger and better than ever!”

With its amplified ability to offer new opportunities and increase accessibility, Charles Black Recreation Center will be, not only the pride of LaSalle Park neighborhood, but a place of pride for the City of South Bend as a whole.

A few of the new features at the center:

  • Three new practice basketball courts and a larger fitness center, allowing plenty of space for exercise and play
  • A music studio for creative music-makers to jam out together
  • A new gathering area with charging stations for mobile devices and a concession area where guests can lounge and converse
  • A new computer lab, where visitors can study, write an email, find information, and more
  • A new bike repair shop in-house, where anyone is welcome to have their bike repaired or even learn to make minor repairs themselves

These additions aim to open a new world of possibilities to visitors of Charles Black Recreation Center!