Introducing the newest South Bend resident!

Introducing  SPARK 

Spark is the newest resident of South Bend! Hatching from the soil in Howard Park, she loves to flitter and flutter around meeting new people. Catch a glimpse of her? Come say hi! Spark loves to give hugs and high-fives to everyone she meets, spreading surprise and delight wherever she goes. 

Spark loves South Bend and is extremely passionate about making sure everyone feels included. She encourages everyone to be an individual and let their light shine! 

What exactly is SPARK? 

Spark is a firefly which is native insect to Indiana. Like many other organisms, fireflies are affected by land-use change which is why Spark is an advocate for conservation. Fireflies are charismatic and easy to find due to the illumination. Fireflies are friendly and communicate with light, which is why Spark lights up!