Pinhook Park Community Center

Pinhook Park is a beautiful and serene location for your next gathering. Whether it be a baby shower or family reunion, the updated Pinhook Park Community Center provides a great space for you. The park offers incredible beauty, a multi-use trail, a kayak launch and playground for everyone to enjoy.


For rental availability and additional information, please call our Pinhook Park Community Center Manager, Josie Merriweather-Brown at 574-235-9428 or email

Rental Rates:

Hourly Rate: $60/ hour + taxes and fees (4-hour minimum is required)
9 or 10-hour Discounted Rate: $500 + taxes and fees (10-hour maximum between the hours of 10 am – 11 pm)
Incidental Deposit: $100. The incidental deposit will be refunded after the event, if there are no contract violations and the facility is left in good condition. Renter will be given access to the building 30 minutes prior to the scheduled event. If more time is required, renter must pay for the additional time.
Rentals must be done at least 3 weeks prior to the event.

All balances must be paid in full at the time of reservation with signed Terms and Conditions.

Rental hours are between 10 am – 11 pm.


Am I able to request a tour of the facility?
We would love for you to take a look at the space. To schedule a tour of the facility, please call 574-235-9428.  In the meantime, our virtual tour will help give you a better idea of what the beautifully renovated interior space has to offer! See the video above for more information.
What’s the capacity of the space?
Room dimensions are 36′ x 64′ (2,300 square feet). Maximum occupancy is 150 persons.
Is there an hourly minimum to rent?
Yes, there is a four hour minimum to rent the facility.
Can I pay with check or cash?
We do not allow cash or check for rentals.
Can we decorate?
It wouldn’t be a party with decor! We appreciate you taking care of our brand new space, however. We do not allow decorations to be adhered to the walls or ceiling including the use of tape, command hooks, etc. We have a backdrop stand (Width adjustable: 5 ft to 10 ft, height adjustable: 3 ft to 8.5 ft.) that can be rented for $10. The use of confetti and/or glitter is not permitted.
Can I have extra time to decorate the day before my event?
Yes, the cost is $60 an hour plus taxes and fees.
What kind of tables are available to use and can we use them outside?
Your rental includes 22 8-foot rectangular tables and 150 chairs to use. You will be responsible for their setup and returning them back before leaving your rental time. All tables, chairs, and carts must remain inside the building.
Can we have access to the AV system?
Absolutely. There is no cost to use the equipment.  AV Capabilities include:  Projector and retractable screen, HDMI hookup, wireless microphones (hand-held and lapel), speaker sound system, and guest Wi-Fi access.
Can we have alcohol?
Alcohol (beer and wine only) is prohibited unless there are approved permits and a licensed bartender.  A licensed security officer could be required during the event. Please see the requirements in the below FAQ. The permit process could take 2 weeks or more for approval.  Alcohol (beer and wine only) must remain inside the building.  The renter must be the person applying for the Alcohol Permits. We understand this is a lengthy process – contact us for any additional information. 
Can we have a DJ or live band?
Yes.  However, security could be required.
Do I need to have security for my event?
The presence of any two of the following will mandate the need for a licensed security agent to be present:

Alcohol is being served.
Event is ticketed/open to the public.
More than 75 people in attendance.
Live performances (DJ, Band, etc.).
Event extending past 10 pm.

The security agent must remain onsite until the renter is cleaned up and has exited the building.  Pinhook Community Center will provide the list of approved security agencies after your reservation has been completed.

Can we bring in our own food?
Yes! There is a brand-new kitchen prep space within the facility for you to utilize with a sink, fridge, and chest freezer.  Please note that we do not have a microwave or oven on site. There is an additional coat room that may also function as a place for food and beverage serving.
May I host a public event?
Yes, but we do require a park-use application be filled out and approved through Board of Park Commissioners first. Visit for more information.
Are you open on holidays?
We are a city entity, so the center does observe all major holidays. Because of this, we do not offer rentals during these major holidays.

In case of emergency on the day of your event, please contact VPA Safety & Security at 574-344-3724.

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