Seitz Park

Due to construction in Seitz Park, the entire Riverlights Light Forest and SB150 bricks are being removed and put into storage. Once Seitz Park is complete in 2023 the items will return. Thank you for understanding.

Park Improvements

Park Renovations construction

The City entered into an agreement with the University of Notre Dame to allow the university access to Seitz Park and the St. Joseph River to build a hydroelectric turbine underground at Seitz Park. After completion of the turbine construction, Notre Dame will return Seitz Park to construction ready conditions and give the City the funds to renovate the park. Instead of returning the park to current conditions, the city is using this opportunity to re-imagine the park for better usage. Plans include adding an entrance to the park near the AM General parking lot, a new performance area, improvements to the East Race bridge and promenade and a new public building with bathrooms and space for sales.

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