Pools & Splash Pads

South Bend Venues Parks & Arts has six splash pads across the city in addition to the water playground in Kennedy Park and the pool in Potawatomi Park.

Pool Locations

South Bend Venues Parks & Arts has six splash pads across the city in addition to the water playground in Kennedy Park and the pool in Potawatomi Park.

Splash Pad Locations

Southeast Park 
Southeast Park has the largest splash pad in the city. It is located between Fellows and High Street on the South side of South Bend. This spash pad stands near the Southeast Park’s pavilion and playground.

Coquillard Park 
In Coquillard Park, this small splash pad is next to the half court basketball and tennis courts. There is also a pavilion with some picnic tables nearby.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Center 
The splash pad at Martin Luther King, Jr. is located outside the center and is adjacent to the playground area.

Charles Black Community Center 
In the spacious LaSalle Park, there is splash pad near the playground area and not too distant from the pavilions that can be rented for parties and special occassions.

O’Brien Park 
The splash pad in O’Brien Park is right beside the skate park. It has a small covered area with a picnic table for the parents to sit and enjoy the weather while the children play in the jets of water.

Potawatomi Park
Among the picnic tables and beside the universally accessible playground, the newest splash pad in the system is placed between the shaded trees of Potawatomi Park and within walking distance from Kids Kingdom.

Fremont Park
The newest splash pad! Fremont Park is considered a block park, which is a smaller site containing limited amenities such as playgrounds.