Stop, Pop & Roll

Stop, POP, and Roll into the summer season! BOOMER is headed to a park near you for an entire week of surprise and delight in your neighborhood. We’ll be bringing popsicles, your favorite music and more!
Monday, June 12 (12pm – 3pm)
12:00pm –  Phil St. Clair Park
12:45pm- Charles Black Center
1:30pm – Kennedy Park
2:15pm – Fremont Park
Tuesday, June 13 (12pm-3pm)
12:00pm – River Manor Park
1:00pm – Keller Park
2:00pm – Leeper Park
Wednesday, June 14 (1pm – 7:30pm)
1:00pm – Walker Park
2:00pm – O’Brien Park
3:00pm – Movie at Marshall Park
Thursday, June 15 (12pm – 3pm)
12:00pm – South East Park
1:00pm – Potawatomi  Park
2:00pm – Kelly Park
Friday, June 16 (12pm – 3pm)
12:00pm – Coquillard Park
1:00pm – Boehm Park
2:00pm – Howard Park