Youth Basketball League



The South Bend Youth Basketball League, powered by the YMCA of Greater Michiana and South Bend Venues Parks & Arts, is a recreational league designed to give participants the chance to develop their knowledge and skills in a positive and highly instructional environment. It features two program tracks, one for boys and girls in Kindergarten through 2nd grade and the other for those in 2nd through 6th grade, that promote the fundamentals of the sport along with good sportsmanship, teamwork, and competition in a fun, welcoming environment.

K-2nd Grade Program Track 2nd-6th Grade Program Track
6 week season 6 week season
practices begin week of Oct 10 practices begin week of Oct 10
5 games (Nov 5-Dec 3) 5 games (Nov 5-Dec 3)
Gameplay with lowered rims Gameplay with regulation rims and full-size court
Promote equal playing time and teamwork Promote equal playing time and teamwork.
Powered by parent volunteers Games managed by officials
Provides opportunity to learn through competition

 Register by October 1st and save up to 20% off! 


Any special requests for team assignments (playing with teammates due to rides, etc…) need to be made before October 3rd. Please submit via email to Amanda Bender at Please note that not all requests may be honored.

Why choose South Bend Youth Basketball?

  • Safe & positive environment
  • Emphasis on enjoyment & fun
  • Focus on development & training
  • Participation regardless of skill
  • Games & practices every week
  • Confidence & self-esteem boost
  • Instilling a healthy lifestyle
  • Opportunity to build friendships
  • Individual player improvement