Pinhook Park Native Tree Trail



Trees play critical roles both worldwide and in our local ecosystems. In addition to producing oxygen, sequestering carbon, and filtering pollution, trees provide shade to help cool us in the summer, and they serve as windbreaks in the winter. They provide habitat for wildlife including, birds, squirrels, and other mammals, and their foliage is a dietary requirement for hundreds of species of beneficial, native insects.

Few things in the natural world invoke more passion than trees, and for many of us, our first connection to nature came from a childhood experience with a memorable tree. As critical as they are to the health of our communities, how many of us can identify trees to species level or understand their varied roles and contributions to our ecosystem?

In support of this exciting project, South Bend Venues Parks & Arts is offering the public the opportunity to “adopt-a-tree” by making a $500 donation to the trail program. Benefactors will have the opportunity to chose the specific type of tree they’d like to sponsor and will receive their name or family name on the educational signage along the trail.