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Empowering Youth through Work Experience

Youth ages 14 to 18 have access to several resources such as a variety of training and skill building opportunities to prepare them and keep them successful in the work place.

Youth have access to several resources including:

  • Job readiness training
  • Year-round engagement opportunities
  • Life skills & leadership development training
  • Informational resources
  • Partner with a YJSB Empowerment Coach
  • Participate in our incentive program
  • Access to our health & wellness services
  • Access to friends & family involvement programs
  • Paired with educational & vocational pathways

Youth in some cases may begin working right away depending on available opportunities.  As youth participate in the program, we work to connect them with a valuable work experience.  This allows for employers to receive ready-to-work young people. Youth are assigned a YJSB Empowerment Coach. Coaches are available for support for both youth and employers as an advocate to assist in ensuring an overall successful process.

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