MADE Lounge Teenage Experience

MADE Lounge Teenage Experience—an inviting and secure haven for teens to unwind, connect, and explore their creativity. Join us every Wednesday from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm at the Charles Black Community Center for an immersive gathering filled with games, delicious food, engaging crafts, and more. Designed with teens in mind, this weekly lounge provides a space to forge new friendships, express individuality, and simply enjoy the company of like-minded peers.

In addition to being a hub of relaxation and fun, the MADE Lounge is your gateway to discovering all the incredible programs that MADE has to offer. As a violence prevention initiative specifically tailored for teens, MADE provides an essential outlet for self-expression and growth. Come be a part of a vibrant community where laughter, creativity, and a sense of belonging take center stage. Join us at the MADE Lounge—where every Wednesday becomes a memorable teenage experience, and a pathway to explore the diverse programs that empower and uplift our youth.