Senior Programs

Venues Parks & Arts continues to strive to provide a wide range of programs, services and social activities to empower and engage our senior community. We’re here to promote fitness and activities and provide recreational and cultural activities that ultimately lead to mental and physical support throughout the year. Programs and services are offered for all ages and in a variety of locations to serve each part of our city.

Below is a list of current programs and activities taking place you may be interested in:

Health & Wellness

Water Aerobics | 
Daily; Times vary.
Enjoy the healthful benefits of a low-impact water workout! You do not need to know how to swim to attend.

50+ Softball League | Byers Softball Complex
Tuesday & Thursday nights; Times vary.
Looking to get back into the game of Softball? Look no further than our 50+ Senior Softball League.

Pickleball | O’Brien Fitness Center
Daily; Times vary.
Get your sweat on with this fun and addicting sport! Similar to tennis, but more accessible for people of all ages and abilities.

Tennis | Leeper Park Tennis Center
Dates and times vary.
Hit on the open courts in downtown South Bend. With 14 fully-lit courts, locker rooms and snack bar, it’s a great place to get a workout in.

Fitness Classes | O’Brien Fitness Center/YMCA
Dates and times vary.
The O’Brien Fitness Center has joined partnership with the YMCA to provide you with an inclusive and welcoming environment. There’s always a class to try out for a new and fun workout!

St. Joseph Senior Fit Class | Charles Black Community Center
This free physical fitness program classes are taught by fitness professionals and focus on upper and lower body strength, cardio vascular endurance, flexibility and balance.

Senior Fitness Class | Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Center
Fitness classes designed just for you, to get your body moving and heart rate up. Workouts can be modified based on your ability and skill levels.

Chair Aerobics | Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Center
If you can sit, you can exercise! Designed to increase your heart rate, burn calories and build strength. Chair Aerobics can easily be modified to your ability.

Arts, Culture & Social Programs

50+ Adult Salsa | Howard Park
Dates vary; Thursdays at 1pm
This class offers the basics of Latin Dance, focusing on Salsa but will also include the bachata and merengue. Modifications will be made available for those who would rather shake in in their seat! Please register in advance here.

Watercolor Art Classes | Howard Park
Monthly; Thursdays at 12pm
Learn how to watercolor each month with instructor Roy Hruska. Register by calling the Howard Park Event Center at 574-299-4765.

Euchre | Zion United Church of Christ
Tuesday, Wed & Friday 11-4pm
If players come after 1pm they cannot join the game.

Senior Exercise Class | Zion United Church of Christ
Monday 10-11am

Senior Women’s Social Group | Charles Black Community Center
Fridays, 1 – 3pm

Senior Men’s Group | Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Center
Tuesdays, 12:30pm


Nature Hikes | Rum Village Park
Wednesdays at 10am-11am
Be one with nature on a nature hike through Rum Village Park! Take it at your own pace and soak in the beautiful park.